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Strategic Interdependence

To achieve regional stability both economics and security must be addressed. Normally people try to do one or the other. Together we can do both.


Regional instability limits economic growth in fragile areas. This creates the conditions for extremism to take root. Within these regions, the population feels disenfranchised, and looks elsewhere for opportunity. This cycle places a strain on world economies, aid organizations, and host country infrastructure.


Global Counterpoint’s “Economic Counterterrorism” model. This model combines a holistic security approach, with an emphasis on relationships and unity. This relationally driven model allows for a voice to be given to those who feel disenfranchised and subsequently, are most vulnerable. Simultaneously, we are able to identify the most effective ways to employ cutting edge technologies, from energy to agriculture, that are both sustainable and cost effective, maximizing impact on the ground.

Our Mission

Global Counterpoint enhances national security by providing greater economic opportunity.

Who we are

Do you have what it takes... invest in some of most volatile regions of the world?

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