Nathaniel & NastassiaThe Moonlight Duet  as I have dubbed it just now. Is my lovely wife Nastassia (Vocals) and myself (guitar & Vocals). For the last several years an idea of our collaboration has been simmering. Our first album, Moonlight, is the genesis of this idea. The decision to keep it as just a duet was deliberate. My interest in more intimate musical settings has been a long lasting one. Reaching all the way back to my very early days in music. We opted for a live album rather than an overly produced sound because I believe this is jazz at its best. And in fact music at its best. The music of today is so cookie cutter and perfectly polished that it no longer has any life. We want to avoid this and bring our listeners and fans a musical experience that moves them, That is authentic.

Our album is available for purchase at a variety of digital distributors (including iTunes) and can also be purchased in physical for from Amazon.  The album is live. No over dubs, only our artistic expression in the form of guitar and voice interacting. I truly hope you enjoy it!



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