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We've made it our mission to provide expert solutions that impact — impact your business, impact society, and impact the long-term. Looking forward, we aim to work alongside developing nations and global businesses to continuously facilitate these trust relationships, expand economic opportunity, and support regional stability across the globe.

  • Our company.

    Savvy where it matters most.

    Negotiating the complex “human terrain” of a foreign culture requires a delicate touch and a thorough understanding of local customs and protocols. It is exactly this unique capacity which sets Global Counterpoint apart from the rest.

  • Our people.

    20+ years of experience.

    Our highly skilled employees each have between 10 and 20+ years of experience in cross-cultural negotiation.

  • Our Solutions.

    Your opportunity.

    We're negotiators, peace-makers, problem-solvers, and creatives. We're intelligence gatherers, field experts, consultants, and cultural liaisons. Most importantly though, we're here for you and your business as a resource to cultivate long-term trust relationships with foreign countries. Let us provide you with the solutions you need for business growth and opportunity for the long-term.

  • Our Methods.

    The keys to long-term success.

    We facilitate safe and productive trust relationships by first (1) identifying the concerns of each party through our discrete security assessments and site surveys. We then (2) engage both parties in creative problem-solving, making sure that all negotiations are mutually beneficial. Finally, we work with our clients to (3) create a tailored Plan-of-Action, designed to meet the selected needs of the host country in return for guaranteed safety and security.

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Our Team

'Counterpoint is joining two or more lines in complementary relationship, while valuing the individuality of each.' At Global Counterpoint (GCP), we do just that. When you engage Global Counterpoint to deal with the challenges your company faces in an overseas business environment, you are truly putting the best of the best to work for you.

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