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I am very excited to announce that my newest album is now available for digital download! This is the first album that Nastassia, my beautiful wife, and I have collaborated! I have long desired to collaborate and produce an attractive, and enjoyable collection of this unique artistic blend of guitar and vocals. We chose the jazzy harmonious sounds of the 1930s for it’s remarkable individualized expression of song, as well as other great tunes with our own interpretations. It is our hope that we captured the life and fervency of this one-of-a-kind music, and that it continues to live on.

You can check it out

Attitude – Hal Galper

Thank you Hal for helping us remember these important things!


Episode 10 – Basic Jazz Phrasing Ideas


For today’s podcast I am going to give you some basic Jazz phrasing ideas. These are all for dominant seventh chords and should be learned in all keys and in several positions. These phrases are great building blocks for other phrases. I would suggest you sing them as well as play them and also try to modify them for various altered chords and progressions.


I have three phrases for you today:

  • Dominant phrase starting on the 7th scale degree and resolving to the 5th

  • Dominant phrase beginning on the 5th scale degree and resolving back to the 5th

  • The last lick is starting on the root and ending on the 5th.



Some thoughts on possible practice ideas:

1. Learn the lick with no rhythmic feel, focus instead on getting the SOUND in your ear

2. Once you have the sounds of these phrases in your ear begin to experiment with articulation and rhythmic ideas.

3. Learn the licks in many positions, octaves and directions.

4.Combine multiple phrases together or smaller parts of multiple phrases to get new lines.

5. Extended the phrases into multiple octaves.


Summer Time Chord Study

In this chord study I demonstrate smooth voice leading with flowing chords that lead into each other. Generally I am playing one chord per beat or a bass note with the chord held over for 2 beats. Summer Time is a really cool Gershwin tune that every jazz player knows, becoming a fluid accompanist is an important part of being a jazz guitarist and it is a good idea to make studies just like this one for yourself.

In this lesson I have also prepared a worksheet that gives you the opportunity to get deeper into the chord study. I provide the bass movement from the first 12 bars and you fill in the chords upper structures. The second half of the tune I have provided the chord changes and it is up to you to fill in the bass and then the upper structure of the voicings I use. I encourage you to write out your own examples and send them to me if you would like to.

If you are a subscriber then you will have also received a link to download the lead sheet to this tune, as well as the work sheet. The changes I use are slightly modified from the real book but the real book will give you a good hint as to what I did with my own changes!


Accompanying video:

Cool Octave Warm Up

Build Dexterity Fast with this chromatic octave warm up


This is a great work out for your left and right hands and will really get your muscle’s warm quickly. Do not over do it though because then you will build tension in your muscle’s!



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Episode 9 – G 13 Phrase


Jazz Supplement


In today’s lesson I am going to show you how to extend a phrase or lick into 2 octaves which makes for longer lines. This a great technique if you have more than one measure of a single chord or a slow moving ballad and you want to play a long line on a single chord. Additionally, it is possible to use this phrase over a ii -V7 progression. The reason being the plurality between the ii chord and the V7 chord. *See my article on plurality.

Sorry about the angry kid in the back ground my nephew was having a fit!

Episode 8 – Jazz Supplement


Welcome back to the Jazz supplement podcast! Your source for free jazz lessons.

This Monday I bring you a couple of really cool phrases so its a 2 for one day, how about that. So to the details, today’s first phrase is for a #5b9 chord although it has numerous other applications. I would encourage you to examine the structure of other chords to find additional applications. The Second phrase is for a #5#9 or #5b9 chord and is really cool because it can b easily broken down into smaller pieces.

Don’t forget you can always play these in reverse as well for some cool variety and additional language.



Episode Seven – Jazz Supplement


Returning to the ideas I expressed on Monday I am going to show you how to implement the 4-3 suspension and 7-6 in your soloing and in your practice time. This will help you to begin to hear the changes and internalize them. Some players also fund this type of structure helpful as well if they are having a hard time keeping up with the changes as they improvise. If you are an advanced player this approach to learning tunes will only make you a stringer player.

As before I am going to use the tune Autumn Leaves in my example.
In this episode I will begin with using 7 – 6 resolution for minor and major seventh chords and 4-3 resolution for dominant chords. I will then move on to a 4 note phrase which moves from the 9th to the 7th in half steps for major seventh chords, from the 5th to the 3rd for dominant seventh chords and from the root to the 6th for minor seventh chord.

Episode Six – Jazz Supplement


I hope that you found Monday’s lesson useful. For today I am going to briefly depart from this topic and bring you a cool minor phrase. We will return to the topic of getting inside the changes and strategies for learning to solo over tunes on Friday.

The phrase for today is a minor 7 add 9 phrase, I am going to use d- as my example. I am not only going to show you this phrase I am also going to show you how to get more out of your phrases. In the case of this minor lick I will first demonstrate the lick and then I am going to demonstrate the lick as modified to work over a ii – V7 progression or just a V7 chord.

As usual there is not going to be any written transcription for this. I will break down the phrase and analyze it for you and you should use your ear to learn it.

Make sure you subscribe and I will check you soon!

Episode 5 – Jazz Supplement


Internalizing the changes is an important part of being an improviser. This episode delves into a strategy for doing just that. I will demonstrate a systematic method for getting into the changes and getting used to improvising over a moving harmonic landscape.

The tune I use in my examples is Autumn Leaves. Subscribe and I will send you a PDF copy of the lead sheet for free as well as a basic PDF outline of the process I demonstrate in the podcast. This is part one and I will be expanding on this to give you even more great ideas for learning to improvise and improving your improv! So make sure your name is in my email list.



Autumn Leaves Chords:

A-7 |D7 |GMaj7 |CMaj7 | F#-7b5 |B7 |E- |E- |

A-7 |D7 |GMaj7 |CMaj7 | F#-7b5 |B7 |E- A- |E- |

F#-7b5 |B7 |E- |E- |A-7 |D7 |GMaj7 |E7b9 |F#-7b5 |

B7b9 |E- |E- CMaj7 |B7b9 |E- A- |E-||

Episode Four – Jazz Supplement


Welcome back to Jazz Supplement everyone. Today’s podcast brings you a really cool bebop line over the infamous vi – ii – V – I progression. My example is in the key of C and I would highly recommend that you take this phrase and learn it in all keys. Doing this is really an essential part of developing your jazz language and really getting it under your fingers and into your solos.

I Transcribed this particular phrase from Joe Pass. If you have not gotten into Joe now is a great time to check him out! When ever I transcribe new pieces of jazz language from other players I try to get it into my playing as quickly as possible, in order to get the phrase under my fingers quickly I do the following:

  • Learn to play the phrase in every possible position and in every octave

  • Learn the phrase backwards and forwards

  • Play the phrase through all the keys

  • Analyze the phrase for chord tones

  • Explore other possible applications of the phrase as most phrases can be used over more than just one chord

I hope you enjoy the transcription and happy improvising!



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