Prepared Traveler

Prepared Traveler

Do you have employees who travel regularly? What about your daughter who is so excited about her upcoming GAP year in Europe? Planning a family vacation? Why not give yourself, your family and your employees the confidence to know that they are ready.


With the increase of random terrorist attacks around the world are you prepared to respond to an attack? Do you know what to do if someone enters your subway car with a machete? What if there was an explosion at your cafe and you and the people around you are bleeding to death? How would you respond? Do you apply pressure to stop the bleeding or let nature take it’s course? What about an acid attack? There has been a huge spike in these types of attacks. Do you know how to make yourself a “hard target” or is your face buried in your phone?


Our courses include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency first aid. Acid burns, shrapnel wounds, knife cuts, blunt trauma from a vehicle, etc.
  • Situational awareness. We teach indictors prior to an attack.
  • Restraints defeat. Human trafficking is alive and well. Tape, rope, zip ties? No problem.
  • Basic Self Defense. Man walks onto your subway car with a weapon. Response?
  • Relationship building 101. This is key to your success and security.